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About Hibernate Framework Training

It is a very powerful technology. It helps in building the web application. Also, it is available in the separate module in the distribution. It helps to solve complex relational database model. It is an open source. It is an object-relational mapping library language. It solves object-relational impedance mismatch problem. Also, it provides data query. It generates SQL query and attempts to relieve and try to free the developer from object conversion and manual result. The most advantage feature of hibernate are like NoSQL, Spring, filter, search and validator.

Course Curriculum

Hibernate Syllabus

  • Hibernate Introduction
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Understanding First Hibernate application
  • Hibernate in Eclipse
  • Hibernate in MyEclipse
  • Hibernate with annotation
  • Hibernate Web application
  • Hibernate Generator classes
  • Hibernate Dialects
  • Hibernate with Log4j 1
  • Hibernate with Log4j 2
  • One-to-one using Primary Key
  • One-to-one using Foreign Key
  • Table Per Hierarchy
  • Table Per Hierarchy using Annotation
  • Table Per Concrete
  • Table Per Concreteusing Annotation
  • Table Per Subclass
  • Table Per Subclass using Annotation
  • First Level Cache
  • Second Level Cache
  • Mapping List
  • One-to-many by List using XML
  • Many to Many by List using XML
  • One To Many by List using Annotation
  • Mapping Bag
  • One-to-many by Bag
  • Mapping Set
  • One-to-many by Set
  • Mapping Map
  • Many-to-many by Map
  • Bidirectional
  • Lazy Collection
  • Hibernate and Struts
  • Hibernate and Spring
  • Transaction Management
  • HQL
  • HCQL
  • Component Mapping
  • Named Query